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The FutureScape2020 - International Conferences on Disruptive Technologies (Virtual)

Recent Trends in Scientific Research, Business Research, and Futuristic Innovative Business that utilizes Disruptive Technologies.


1. To generate novel insights & disruptive technology ideas to enhance the career of the students, scope of researchers & careers of technologies.

The Goal of the Conference is to bring deeper insights on the impact, the futuristic disruptive technologies are having in the fields of Scientific Research and Modern Businesses.

Scientific Researchers and Business Analysts / Researchers / Research Scholars / Academicians across the globe from 31 countries participate in this conference to share their insights and the impact of disruptive technologies towards the Futuristic Global Shift.

Presentations, Papers, Posters, E-Presentations are invited in the following 20 Disruptive Technology Arenas.


Virtual Conference - August 15th, 2020 Saturday, 10.00 AM IST

The FutureScape365 conference aims at providing opportunities to all the stake-holders a unique opportunity to present papers across all disciplines, Engineering, Science, Technology, and Management around the year.

This is a wonderful platform through which individuals can present papers from their place without travelling, no duty off, no hassle and without any expenses.

The presentation will be showcased in Futurescape2020 Global Family.


The process is as follows…

1. Submit the full paper through email info@futurescape2020.com

2. Paper will be reviewed and informed. At this stage, presenter must register for the conference. Registration form needs to be filled up and the soft copy to be sent us back at info@futurescape2020.com

Scopus Index Journal: Few extra-ordinary paper will be published in Scopus Indexed Journal with additional fees. Candidates will be informed if selected for Scopus indexed journal.

3. Presenter should take a video presentation at Google Hangout. To upload in Google Hangout first presenter should add the email id info@futurescape2020.com which will be accepted by The Futurescape2020. Once this stage is done then directly presentation can be video recorded and click on send button. As there is no live presentation, thus presenter can retake the video until it is good and then send the same to The Futurescape2020 at Google Hangout. Google Hangout can be downloaded from Google Play or directly it can be accessed from Gmail features and record the presentation.

Video Type: MP4

Maximum Minute: 20 minutes

Video Quality: 1080p

Drive Link: Google Drive

4. Once we receive the video, the same will be reviewed again by expert at The Futurescape2020.

Technology Faculties:

Papers are invited in the following faculties:

1. Futuristic Technologies:

Call for Papers:

1. Internet of Things / Autonomous Vehicles

2. Cloud Technology & Quantum Computing

3. Next - Generation - Advanced Genomics

4. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

5. UAV / Drones

6. Blockchain

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science & Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning

2. Science, Engineering, and Technology:

Call for Papers:

1. Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing

2. Biomedical Engineering

3. Bio-informatics

4. Computational Intelligence

5. Information Systems

6. Computer Networks

7. Computer Security

8. Computer Vision

9. Wireless Sensor Networks

10. Physics

11. Mathematics

12. Power Systems

3. Arts, Humanities, and Management:

1. Digital humanities

2. Ecological humanities

3. Ethno-cultural studies

4. Health humanities

5. Art as self-inquiry

6. Literacy and the literary education

7. History

8. Literature and related disciplines

9. Customer satisfaction

10. Management

11. Tourism

12. Educational management

Why FutureScape2020 Enhance Your Careers:

1. Career Enhancement for Researchers

2. Expanded avenues of Research for Research Scholars in the fields of disruptive technologies

3. Real Time Learning for Students

4. All Presentations will be published in ISBN Conference Proceedings

5. Selected Papers will be published after consent from the author in anonymous peer review journal with additional cost.


The papers will be published in the conference proceedings ISBN Publication & The extended version selected papers will be published in UGC listed Reputed Journals with additional cost.

Conference Proceeding E-Certificate, will be emailed after 48 hrs of the Event.

Saturday August 15th, 2020

Call for Papers

Futuristic Technologies

  • Mobile Internet
  • Internet of Things / Vehicles
  • Cloud Technology
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Next - Generation - Advanced Genomics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • UAV / Drones
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science
  • Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning
  • Quantum Computing

Science, Engineering, and Technology

  • Bioinformatics & Scientific Computing
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Bio-informatics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Vision
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Power Systems

Arts, Humanities, and Management

  • Digital humanities
  • Ecological humanities
  • Ethno-cultural studies
  • Health humanities
  • Art as self-inquiry
  • Literacy and the literary education
  • History
  • Literature and related disciplines
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Management
  • Tourism
  • Educational management

Conference Schedule

15 August, 2020
Time Schedule
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM IST
Selected Papers Presentation, Valedictory Ceremony,& Certification